Which innovation challenges are more easily implemented?

By analysing 164 real innovation challenges, we’ve seen how people more easily relate to – and want to have a say in – questions that are closely tied to, and disrupt, daily work routines. These are, for instance, ‘How can we develop innovative products and services at cash desks?’, ‘How can we capture younger audiences?’ and ‘How can we increase safety during installation processes?’.

Yet, when tracking challenges’ specific results, the same five macro themes to which management gives more relevance are exactly those most important in implementation. After ideation and crowd discussion, followed by improvement and approval, management and leadership embrace innovations more easily, as the higher rates of implementation show.


ultimate innovation challenge

This may also relate to the fact that these challenges are, by their nature, more incremental. So, management can execute the resulting ideas more easily without causing major disruption or creating higher risks, by promoting:

• Positive changes in operational efficiency, routines and techniques to improve the way things are done;
Open idea challenges, such as motivational initiatives focused on teamwork and workplace relationships;
• Ways to encourage better customer experience;
• Daily practices that cumulatively contribute to more sustainable business, with respect to the environment and corporate business strategy;
Marketing initiatives to build on brand strengths and trust perceptions, increasing sales results.

Diana Neves de Carvalho, Exago’s CEO/ dnc@exago.com
Francisco Bernardes, Exago’s head of Innovation Services/ fmb@exago.com

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