Carrefour Romania strengthens its resolve to innovate

The entire Carrefour Romania staff have received a call to action. Everyone, including those working closely to the public on a daily basis, can now access a platform to share ideas and voice opinions about how to serve clients better and shape the company’s future path. It’s a smart, inclusive and transparent process, through which both individual and community expertise is activated and focused on key business evolution challenges.

Based on Exago’s Idea Market software, Carrefour Romania’s new innovation solution welcomes everyone, recognising different types of value creation, boosting engagement and building a spirit of collaboration. Participants can submit ideas and insights, as well as assess and improve colleagues’ contributions. In this way, the company’s collective intelligence is gathered, as the ‘crowd’ selects those ideas with more potential.

With this programme, Carrefour Romania seeks to liberate the innovative spirit of each employee. ‘The idea creator will be invited to implement his/her idea’, says Ioana Musat, responsible for the programme. ‘What a huge experience to implement an idea in all our 183 stores!’.

‘The launch took place during one week in our five pilot stores. The success was immediate and we have already lots of ideas published in the platform’, adds Maxime Masson, member of the innovation team.

Committed to social and environmental responsibility and to being a responsible employer, the Carrefour Group is the leading retailer in Europe and the second-largest in the world. With more than 11,900 stores in 35 countries, the multinational every day welcomes more than 12.5 million customers around the world. Last May, Carrefour Romania opened its twenty-eighth hypermarket in the country, in Bucharest, to offer more clients a wider range of products and services at fair prices.

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