Don’t miss out on the latest upgrades of Exago idea management software

Today, we’re announcing new features and improvements on Exago Smart and Exago Open to help innovation managers perform better, while increasing process efficiency and the thoroughness of the idea evaluation stage. This set of upgrades also includes new layout, language and technical developments to improve communication with and among users.

Our goal is to provide a more appealing experience for participants and, in return, a more efficient and easier idea management process for you.



  • The option of having multiple managers per challenge: Multiple managers can now validate, transition and assess ideas, thus improving the overall quality of the process and the flow of the idea management funnel. Tasks can be shared and ideas can be reviewed by different experts per challenge, gathering diverse perspectives and enhancing idea analysis as a whole.
  • A new Key Tasks menu: The new menu organises all the tasks to make sure managers know exactly what needs to be done and when, in the three phases of the process – idea validation, evaluation and transition. In addition, new notifications alert reviewers of pending evaluations, while pop-up banners inform managers on their current tasks on login. This gives extra visibility to everyone’s responsibilities, ensures the process runs smoothly, reduces the chances of bottlenecks and increases programme efficiency. In the transition phase in particular, managers can now also easily identify the best-ranked ideas and compare evaluation dimensions (e. g., expected ROI vs implementation costs) for more robust decision-making.
  • Improved layout and usability in the review rating system: Both the new rating system functionality and its layout enhance the process of evaluating and commenting on an idea. Bringing more flexibility to users, a new edit option also allows reviewers to go back and adjust their feedback if needed.
  • A new, more complete text editor: Anyone using the platform, be it managers or users, can now easily adjust and organise all text shared with an updated, more flexible content editor.



  • Updated platform language tone: The English, Portuguese and Spanish versions have been carefully reviewed for a more welcoming and appealing user experience.
  • A mobile version with extended features: Exago mobile version now includes a news page to keep participants fully informed and aligned with the initiative, among other upgrades.
  • Refreshed and shareable news page: With a new layout and more engaging navigation, you can now find the news that really interest you more easily and spread the word using the social media share option.

Watch for some exciting announcements soon!


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