‘Et maintenant’, Exago’s idea management software is available in French

With a new French version, Exago’s Idea Market is, as of March, available in eight language options. This newest translation eases the adoption of the idea management software by two new clients headquartered in France and in Quebec, Canada, as their teams can now navigate the platform in these countries’ mother tongue.

Idea Market is thus being used in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese versions – mobilising thousands of people, in 10 sectors and four continents, to take part in their organisations’ innovation and business evolution challenges. Integration with Google Translate API also allows Exago’s multinational customers, who use the platform in several other languages, to have immediate content translation, promoting their teams’ collaboration across countries and cultures.

Each employee in these companies can share his or her expertise and opinions by submitting corporate-related ideas and insights and collaboratively evaluating everyone’s contributions. Exago’s platform market mechanism activates and gathers companies’ collective intelligence, to find the ideas the ‘crowd’ considers of most value to these organisations, all in a highly engaging and efficient way.

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