Exago and Enconcreto hold ‘Innovation Lab Bogota’ for top executives

Executives from top companies have gathered in Bogota, Colombia, 17 and 18 September, to get to know and better understand the latest tools available to make innovation tangible. This Innovation Lab, ‘From ideas into results: Building an innovative engine in your organisation through new digital processes and tools’, is offered by Enconcreto, one of Exago’s partners in South America.

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder, is addressing central topics of both disruptive and incremental innovation – including ‘Tendencies and disruptions’, ‘Insights from the consumer’, ‘Orthodoxies and breaking the rules’ and ‘From ideas into business propositions’. Pedro is also conducting the workshop ‘Involve and engage your organisation through digital platforms’, on how digital media are evolving as key tools to support innovation and business itself.

Putting innovation to work
Applying the concepts, methods and tools presented, participants are addressing a challenge: build ideas for Juan Valdez Café, a multinational coffeehouse chain based in Colombia, specialising in coffee retail. Step by step, they have to understand the chain’s specific goals and business concepts and look for new insights and perspectives – to create new ideas and possibilities.

‘Our main goal is that participants feel confident enough to embrace their own challenges, translating innovation efforts into measurable results and improved indicators for their organisations’, says Isabel Espinosa of Enconcreto.

Enconcreto is a Colombia-based innovation consulting firm helping large organisations structure their innovation initiatives. Enconcreto focuses its attention on the backend of the innovation process, namely prototyping, experimenting, launching businesses and accelerating opportunities.

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