Exago at Universo TOTVS 2019 to accelerate Brazilian companies’ innovation

For the first time, the Exago team is participating in Universo TOTVS, the main stage for business technology in Brazil. The event in São Paulo brings together over 3,000 participants and 60 experts and speakers to catch up on the technological innovations that are making companies more efficient and helping them grow in the digital age.

Over two days of networking, our CEO Diana Carvalho is currently presenting the Exago innovation management solution to leaders and managers from all over the country. “The Brazilian market is very large and full of potential. People have been coming to us wanting to learn more about innovation management tools and the power of collaborative innovation to engage employees and transform corporate results. It’s thrilling to feel this openness to innovation as the natural way to make businesses evolve,“ says Diana.

Universo TOTVS also offers the opportunity to share and gather new insights in the innovation field and get to know the latest trends, ideas, tools and market references. From Artificial Intelligence through to Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, the event showcases the key technologies that will impact different types of segments and organisations worldwide in the years ahead.

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