Female CEOs unite to mitigate COVID-19 impacts in business and society

Exago and the Rede Mulher Líder (RML) network have joined forces to find ways of mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in both business and society. Diana Neves de Carvalho, the CEO of Exago, and the other female CEOs that make up the network are bringing together their expertise in the new initiative called Ignite RML.

Using the Exago Start idea management solution, the first phase of this innovation initiative runs until May 25th and looks to answer three key challenges at this specific time, defined during previous brainstorming sessions:

How to optimize RML for sales and supply chains?

Sharing best practices in managing the crisis brought on by COVID-19.

How can RML create more significant social impact?

“For this alone we give thanks to Exago, in these times we’re living in. In fact, in the near future, innovation will play a prominent role in the resistance of companies to the crisis and, in many cases, in the reinvention of the relational model and the business model itself,” says Rita Seabra from IAPMEI, the organisation behind RML.

“Naturally, if RLM as a collective can benefit from this tool for the innovation of its collaborative processes, this will be a “plus” that will benefit all companies in the network as well.”

“New ideas have never been more important,” concludes Diana Carvalho. “Times like these ask a lot from us and there is still a lot of uncertainty ahead for our companies and communities. But we believe that, together, we can catalyse positive transformations.”

About RML

Rede Mulher Líder is a Portuguese network comprising female executive managers of high-performance companies. With a focus on peer learning and advising, and fostering alliances and businesses, its mission is to connect to international networks to facilitate business for women.

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