How TOTVS Curitiba gathered over 80 ideas to turn this crisis around

Because “watching the future unfold without taking part in it is never an option for TOTVS”, the Brazilian technology company leader in the development of business solutions is challenging its staff to find solutions together to thrive in the new business order, says Executive Director Márcio Viana.

“We are experiencing perhaps one of the greatest crises in our history, and in moments like these, we have to stop and reflect on what we can do better to get through it with minimal impact,” says Viana.

This is why the TOTVS Curitiba business unit has decided to adopt the Exago Start innovation software to collect and build up ideas to four challenges: increase revenue sources; reduce costs with high levels of efficiency; improve productivity in remote work; and find new ways to stay close to clients, avoiding churn, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Easy-to-implement ideas with immediate impact

With 80% of its workforce actively involved in presenting, assessing and building up solutions to these challenges, 80 ideas were gathered in just three weeks.

Two ideas with high impact and low cost have already been implemented, creating new sources of revenue: the development of new product and services packages with a differentiated adoption model; and short training videos given by the staff to help clients use the software, which generated sales of new training sessions. “In just one week, the ROI exceed the investment made,” explains Viana.

“I strongly believe that the wisdom of the crowd is the best equation for finding optimal solutions and that, by bringing together our people’s knowledge and technical capabilities, we will be able to use this moment to become a better and more competitive company,” adds the TOTVS Executive Director.

TOTVS is a leading software, platform, services and consulting company in Brazil and Latin America and a major integrated management system developer worldwide. Based in São Paulo, it has offices in the United States, Latin America and Portugal.


Restart together

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