Software updates: Idea Market regulation

Exago’s drive for constant improvement ensures that platform updates are continually rolled out. Recently, Idea Market has had some updates aimed to prevent opportunistic and manipulative behavior.

This update limits the way participants invest in their own ideas. They may do so, but only up to a certain percentage of the total investments. This prevents individuals with more credits from biasing results in an unfair manner. While Exago strives for diversity of opinion – the cornerstone of crowdsourcing – an idea is only approved if a certain number of participants have discussed or invested in it. Naturally it is essential that a variety of people participate, not just an individual with large amounts of currency.

Note that in Idea Market each idea is created anonymously. While this provides freedom from social influences it can allow a certain amount of manipulation to occur, hence the new constraint on the percentage of credits that may be invested. Regarding anonymous idea creation, since some participants have access to more information (such as board members) they may be able to communicate more effectively. If anonymity is ensured this flow of information into the market may be positive, otherwise it may be the Exago Idea Market equivalent of insider trading. As such participants are held as equal individuals with no distinction between ranks. Everyone is pursuing a common goal – innovative solutions that bring value to the company.

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