Altice Portugal adopts Exago’s talent spotting solution

Altice Portugal has launched “Talento com Fibra”, an open project which uses an Exago’s Solution to focus on new talent spotting. This project gives Exago’s software a fresh vision of open innovation and crowdsourcing, two determinants of long term value creation.

Exago’s platform will allow potential new hires to demonstrate their value through the creation of ideas that address PT’s specific challenges. It uses a gamified mechanism that makes it fun to participate and increases initiative awareness (includes US patented technology). Mapping specific community questions to particular skills allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of candidates, while the discussion boards and collaboration tools make team players stand out.

Exago’s Talent Spotting solution helps HR managers make better decisions and accelerates the trainee recruitment process by supplying invaluable information about each candidate. This makes sure you get the best talent for your organisation.

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