Skarzynski shares techniques to mitigate innovation uncertainties

In his next and final Exago webinar, Peter Skarzynski addresses the topic ‘How can agile commercialisation reframe and mitigate innovation uncertainties’, related to bringing unknown-to-the company or new industry concepts to market. The session takes place on October 2, at 12 pm EST (5 pm GMT+1).

With real world examples from both B2B and B2C environments, the top innovation strategist will advise on how to manage and improve the understanding of a new-to-the company concept relative to investment.

Having defined the guidelines and techniques to sustain innovation within organisations and to promote insight enabled innovation, in previous presentations*, Peter now shares principles and techniques to derisk promising but uncertain concepts through a ‘test-learn-apply’ approach to commercialisation. He takes idea management one step further, sharing key highlights of his recently published book ‘The Innovator’s Field Guide’.

Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder, is hosting the webinar. This 45-minute session deals with three main topics:

  • Surface and prioritise the key unknowns regarding customer, capabilities and economics, e.g.: Market want and need – ‘Will they want it?’; Operational capabilities – ‘Can we execute it?’; Economics – ‘Can we create and capture value?’;
  • Design and manage an iterative, in-market experimentation plan to refine and iterate your new concept, often through small, cheap, fast, under the radar experiments;
  • Borrow techniques from software development to improve upon newly launched, in market concepts which are falling short of their anticipated potential.

Peter Skarzynski advises large, global organisations on strategy, innovation and organisational change and is recognised as a leading expert in enabling renewal and growth by embedding innovation sustainably in large companies. He is a frequent corporate and conference speaker and a best selling author. Recently published, his ‘The Innovator’s Field Guide’ (Wiley, 2014) details market proven methods and approaches to address the most critical innovation challenges facing organisations of any size.

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*Have you missed Peter’s previous webinars? Know more here:
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