The Exago Smart Blue Jay release is out. A new experience for all innovators

Following the launch of the Exago Smart app, 2020 now brings the Blue Jay Desktop Release – smart and captivating, offering more engagement and keener decisions.

Starting today, our leading, brand-new-look idea management platform makes it simpler and more appealing to participate in the innovation challenge. Plus, it highlights outcomes and user rankings, and you can check out all your activity, tasks and points on one new profile page.

What does it mean for innovation managers? Nothing less than more visible results, with higher engagement and stronger contributions from everyone.

With the Exago Smart Blue Jay Edition, it’s now even easier to:

  • Engage your employees to take part in your innovation programme
  • Manage idea investments effortlessly, making informed decisions
  • Gather and visualise all results achieved end-to-end



Great UI
Inspired by the latest usability trends, the navigation experience is now more intuitive, with a completely rethought, fast and practical interface. You remain engaged, with a clear view of where you are headed and how to get there at all times!

A comprehensive new feed and layout
As soon as you enter the platform, you can see both your profile and main activity, while the side navigation bar showcases the key features. Ideas, insights, challenges and awards are highlighted in your feed and constantly updated.

Spot-on News Alerts
The new simple and easily accessible alerts keep you informed and on track – on all screens used.

Quick idea evaluation actions
Evaluate ideas or change your investments without having to go into the detail of the idea. Want to revisit some choices? Fine-tune your assessments. It’s swift, easy, and can improve your earnings and the overall results of the challenge.

Centralised wallet history and overview
The new Wallet History gathers all your active and past investments, giving you the full picture of the decisions made. You can also look into where the points were used. Time to confirm or rethink your strategy!

Complete list of prize-winners
If your eye is on a specific prize, check out who has bought that same prize or what bids are winning – and outbid it to make sure it’s yours.

Intuitive user ranking
Have a look at the participation ranking to see how strong your contribution is so far and how well you rank. Get the competition running!

Idea portfolio visibility and challenge results
You can track all your ideas that have been chosen to be implemented and already implemented by challenge in one place. Challenge phases are also clearer, as well as top rankings and outcomes. Everyone gets a more transparent overview of the impact of the challenges and selected ideas to date.

What’s ahead?
“The Exago Smart Blue Jay Edition offers a great navigation experience with a completely revamped desktop front-end. It now becomes simpler but also more appealing to participate, with a news feed, new profile page and more visible results at idea and challenge level, among other updates and upgrades. Listening to our customers, we are already developing additional features to further incite participation, bring greater intelligence to the idea management process and increase the platform’s flexibility and adaptation. Coming soon!”

Paulo Gabriel, Product Manager at Exago

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