Webinar: How to effectively run innovation initiatives in multinationals

Building a unique corporate and innovation culture is not easy to achieve, especially in a multi-cultural, multi-business and multi-language environment. The obstacles are many, from geography to cultural, business and technical idiosyncrasies. Join Exago and Innovation Management.se (IM) on October 22 to learn from the Enel case study and identify the key success factors to efficiently run an idea management programme across borders.

The session takes place at 5:00 PM Central European Time / 8:00 AM US Pacific Time / 11:00 AM US Eastern Time. Pedro do Carmo Costa, Exago’s director and co-founder, hosts the webinar, with Carlo Napoli’s special participation. Carlo Napoli is the head of Innovation Knowledge and Community at Enel SpA.

In this live IM Channel One Roundtable Discussion, you get the opportunity to learn from a real case study from Enel, Italy’s largest power company and Europe’s second listed utility by installed capacity. The multinational operates in 34 countries across 4 continents, serving 61 million customers.

Enel’s fresh experience in implementing a global initiative gives a useful blueprint, if you want to run a cross borders idea management programme, so as to achieve corporate alignment, employee’s engagement and seed a culture of innovation.

What main challenges will be addressed?
The ultimate task for multinationals today is to efficiently harness their greatest asset: the knowledge and expertise of its people, spread across the organisation and the globe.

One of the main challenges for companies is to learn how to manage transnational innovation initiatives; to collect everyone’s ideas and insights, regardless of individuals’ geographical dispersion; create a collaborative environment where ideas are discussed and enriched; and evaluate proposals, in an unbiased way, to find the best answers.

The Enel case study
Following a pioneering experience started in one of its subsidiaries in Latin America in 2011, Enel launched in February 2014 a global innovation crowdsourcing initiative.

This initiative involves about 60.000 employees, in 34 countries – an example of how to effectively design and run a global innovation programme, engaging people who speak different languages, live in different countries and work in different businesses.

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