Don’t let great ideas escape with the new Exago Smart app

Marking quite a challenging year for businesses worldwide, we at Exago are thrilled to launch the new Exago Smart enterprise innovation app to mobilise people to find solutions together. The new app version brings top usability, a fresh look-and-feel and social and game mechanisms to make innovation fun for users, while ensuring managers can efficiently select the best ideas and keep the innovation process flowing, all in the palm of their hand.

 “We are very proud to launch the new Exago Smart innovation management app in 2020 to bring more collaborative innovation to more businesses, on all fronts. It is the result of the hard work of the whole team to offer the best UX, intuitive navigation, increased user engagement in innovation challenges and streamlined task management”, says Paulo Gabriel, product manager at Exago.

A strong differentiator, Exago Smart innovation management software offers multiple collaborative evaluation options to speed up idea selection, including an idea stock market mechanism based on Exago’s US-patented predictive markets algorithm. Idea forms are also prepared to evolve ideas to concepts, business cases and MVPs and the analytics dashboard displays the main KPIs, including ROI and qualitative impact of ideas, to capture all platform results.


How does it work?

Exago Smart app makes collaborative innovation easier, end-to-end, allowing businesses to:

  • Harness the power of collaborative innovation
    Promote a culture of collaboration, mobilising people’s expertise and collective intelligence for corporate innovation challenges, with a fully adjustable idea workflow. Keep teams and key players involved, informed and innovating together.
  • Overcome process barriers to successful innovation
    Remove top-down, administrative bottlenecks with a structured, agile process that follows industry best practices. Exago Smart algorithms and accelerators ease decision-making and streamline the innovation process.
  • Drive innovation programme ROI
    Have full control over idea progress, business case models, centralised decision panels and a powerful analytics dashboard – all focused on increasing initiative ROI.


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