Exago expands its partner network with Almaroma

Inclusivity, sustainability and collaboration are the foundations of Almaroma, the latest partner to join Exago’s growing global network.

“For Almaroma, ‘every human being, regardless of their physical, intellectual and socioeconomic condition, has unique skills that can contribute to society’. This human intelligence is something our Exago software is based on,” explains Exago’s Head of Partnerships, Andreia Agostinho Dias.

“Our corporate innovation programmes give everyone a voice, with the continuous improvement of corporations in mind. And our open innovation programmes search for the best answers in the ecosystem to solve community challenges.”


Technology at the service of inclusivity and collaboration

Founded in Brazil in 2018, Almaroma seeks to foster social inclusion and sustainability through all of its business units. Exago will have an especially close relationship with its technology division, Almaroma Tech, which provides solutions in the areas of innovation, digital transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine to Machine (M2M) and assistive technologies to the Latin American market.

“Exago’s innovation management platform represents a strong addition to Almaroma’s current portfolio, while facilitating the innovation process within companies and highlighting its achievements,” says Nelson Alonso, Sales Director at Almaroma.

“Many of our customers have already initiated the process of developing their innovation programmes and have indicated the advantages brought about with the functionalities of this platform.”

With a network of international technological and business partners growing every day, Exago can provide even closer support to clients worldwide. Find out more about Exago’s Partnership Programme here.


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